My memories of 9/11/01


It has been, and continues to be a time of change.  It has also turned into a triumphant time to heal.  We stand together as one! I would say it was a day of great emotion, extreme shock, and the ultimate horror.  Like nothing we have seen before! An attack at random, unsuspecting, and and we were very unprepared.  For those people who lost their loved ones, it could only be described as catastrophic.  No one could have known that this wasn”t going to be the ultimate price to pay, but that everday thereafter, we would continue to pay the price as Americans.  A sense of loss fell over the nation, like a black cloud, and not just for the men, women, and children whose lives were taken away, but for all of us! From the President, the Military Troops, the Fireman, the Policeman, down to the mere civilians walking down our streets.  No one was left exempt from this tragedy.  The devastation that was seen (and is still seen, and remembered) is beyond my comprehension.  I don’t want this to be the world I live in, yet it is! I’m unable to wrap my mind around such evil and hatred, nor am I able to comprehend and understand what we could have possibly have to to deserve such hostility and cruelty.  Do I think my faith in God has been shaken? Absolutely!! I know all wounds take time to heal, however, I think our faith is still there, renewed like never before! We no longer cower in the face of evil! We stand before it with Honor, Glory, and Power! 

L. Smith

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