Yvonne Rutledge

Comp 1010-202

In 2001 I was the typical 10 year old girl. I loved school, dance was my life, and pink was my favorite color.  I was sheltered from all the ‘evil’ out in the great big world. On September 11, 2001, I was in lunch when the planes crashed into the twin towers. I remember my teacher, Mrs.Walker, picking us up and her eyes were blood shot from where she had been crying. Everyone asked her what was wrong but she wouldn’t tell us, she just told us she would explain when we got back into the classroom. Once in the classroom she explained that America had been attacked. I remember being so confused because I didn’t know why anyone would want to hurt us, especially terrorists. At that time terrorists wasn’t in my vocabulary and I thought she had said tourists. So I asked “Why would someone who is vacationing in America want to crash planes into our buildings?” She chuckled a little and explained the difference between a tourist and a terrorist. After our class discussion she turned on the news and we sat for the rest of the day and watched. Everyone slowly trickled out as our parents came to get us out of panic.

 My grandmother had come for me, I greeted her like any other day, and we went on our merry way to the car. Once in the car we had our normal conversation, “how was your day?” “good and yours?” and so on. It was a Monday, my normal dance day. So when she turned to go home instead of to the dance studio I knew the whole plane crash thing was serious because dance was never cancelled. We stopped for dinner then went on home. Once home she further explained the events, about how my dad and uncle may have to leave for a while since they were in the Navy, and then we prayed.

In the midst of it all I feel like my generation benefited from September 11th in the since of it brought us closer together. It also made us aware of everything out in the world and what we can do to help in any situation regardless of  how young or old we are.

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