Media Effects

Effects of Media

            Modern day media has many effects on people’s everyday
lives.  Many times, the negative effects are the focus of attention, but the media also has many positive side effects. The media has increased awareness of the world around us, turning once
self-centered countries into one global world. Distance is no longer a barrier.
When a disaster strikes in the most remote part of the world, assistance can
begin almost immediately thanks to the media. The media also gives individuals
a voice to communicate with the general public. Hot topic debates are not just
for the dinner table. Media allows ordinary people to talk about their views
while reaching millions through social media sites, blogging, news stories, and
newspaper articles. By keeping people informed on current issues, the media
also allows the masses to be more involved in their society. Political choices
by voters are able to be made much more informatively than ever before. Media
also helps promote positive causes like charity programs, community outreach
programs, and simple ways to help in a disaster. The public is more encouraged
to get involved with helping people if they are made aware of who is in need
and what they can do. Today’s media has many more positive effects than
negative. Globalizing the world, giving voices to the common people, informing
the masses, and promoting positive causes are just a few of these positive
aspects of modern media.

Halen Farmer

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