The media is a constant part of every American’s life. The
negatives effects the media has is evident everywhere.  Violence, sex, drugs, and other inappropriate
behavior are constantly demonstrated through the media. This not only corrupts
the minds of our children, who should be outside playing instead of glued to
the TV, but it also inspires negative feelings and actions even in adults.
Everyone wants to be like their favorite stars on TV, most of these stars
however are hardly suitable role model material. People in the media often do
outrageous things to attract attention and make more money. The kinds of things
reality stars get away with is hardly the smartest thing for a common person to
do. The media also inspires people to go to unreasonable extremes concerning appearance
in order to look like the photo shopped models in movies and magazines. This
unreachable perfect appearance results in lots of wasted money, low
self-esteem, and unnecessary health risks. The media also takes away peoples
power to decide how they feel about something on their own by constantly
shaping public opinions. No media is unbiased, even the news cannot go without
pushing the networks own opinions on the viewers. When opinions are presented
as facts most people will blindly follow along without realizing the whole
story isn’t true. The media affects us all in negative ways including,
broadcasting negative behavior, “role models” behaving badly, unattainable
appearance expectations, and shaping public opinions.

Kristen Taylor Jackson

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