Today’s world is centered around the internet and how well known we are, but is this how things have always been?  I see the world changing, changing from and eye to eye physical world to an “online” virtual world.  With technology the way it is we have lost track of how communication and perception of fame once was.  A few nights ago, while laying in bed doing homework, my phone rings.  It was a text message from my sister who was awake in her room not fifteen feet away.  Our world now is run on instant gratification to the degree that my own sister couldn’t physically get me.

Not only is our communication style built for speed but as is our need for popularity.  Websites such as Youtube and Facebook fuel ones need for popularity.  We all use these websites, there is no wrong in it, I myself have posted songs of mine as videos on Youtube, but why?  I posted these as an expression of myself and as an attempt to end anxiety of speaking or singing infront of others.  Though my means of internet use and posting are more domestic, the majority of posts are targetting one thing, fame.

I see myself as being me, no matter how popular or unpopular, I don’t let the world influence who I am.  Fame and popularity change people, it takes away from the person’s originality and makes them who the world wants them to be.  I find my beauty and passion in what I do, not what others want me to do.  If fame changes people, I don’t want it.  So many people want fame, but fame is based on popular average view which is bound to be different from your own or even the person sitting next to you.  Why take fame and popularity from a virtual world, when we can all physically be ourselves in an eye to eye world that takes originality and diversity as something cherished to be your own?

Joseph Thomas McNeil


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