Sex and reproduction in space

NASA is planning long-term missions for lunar settlements with goals to explore and colonize space. Because of this, it seems like we should find out if it would be possible to have sex and reproduce in space. It seems like it would be very difficult to have sex in zero gravity. There would be no traction and you would keep bumping into walls and things. In space, you would have no friction and no resistance. There is, however, something called a 2suit that is designed to provide effortless intimacy in weightless environments. As far as having a baby in space, the fetus would likely suffer severe development issues because a baby’s body and bones may develop differently in weightlessness. Giving birth would also be difficult because you would rely on the baby’s weight with no gravity. It basically seems like we have a long way to go as far as being able to colonize space. There will have to be technological advances that make sex and reproduction easier and safer before we could colonize other planets.

Erika Castle

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