Well I guess if your interested in astronomy and such, then this would be a fascinating topic.  To me, it’s boring, but in looking through certain websites I did find out some interesting tidbits on the topic of  Space.  We’ve all heard of “The Big Band Theory,” and other information in Science classes and such, but the mini-article I read was the “7 most interesting things about Space.”  And they were 7 things that I have never really paid attention to, so it was kind of interesting to me to learn these new facts.  For example, did you know the “universe is flat, and it only has a 2% margin of error?”  I didn’t, so I found that to be a neat little fun fact.  I also thought that “the stars, planets, and galaxies that can be detected make up 4% of the universe” was kind of eye catching.  You may have heard of people refering to us as living in a “multi-universe,” but did you know that it comes from a theory called “eternal inflation?”  I sure didn’t.  So generally speaking, Space is not a topic that I would ever really choose to sit down and study on a regular basis, but these fun little facts did catch my attention as I was searching on the Internet for ideas to write about.  Thus, I have learned something new and different that normally you wouldn’t see me thinking, reading, talking,  or writing about.

Laura A. Smith

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