Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events
occur and have relative position and direction. In other words, space is
endless and everything that happens takes up space. For most of us however, emotional
space is not endless. The space we share with the other people in our lives
requires a balance. The space you allow people to take up in your life is very
important, whether it’s letting someone in too much or not letting them in
enough. The lack of space or excess space can often result in people getting
hurt and sometimes there just isn’t enough space for everyone in your life. There
is only so much space in our heads and in our hearts; it’s often very hard to
judge what should allow to take up that space. Don’t be scarred to allow people
into your head, humans are social beings and require a lot of interaction to be
happy. Don’t forget to leave space for yourself, you shouldn’t always have to
be worrying about others. The emotional space dynamic you hold with other
people should try to be a balance, you should feel loved and be connected
without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Halen Farmer

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