I was reading the newspaper this past Sunday and saw the heading about some girl who had been to 2 or 3 bars and had been drinking margarita’s, vodka, and tequila, and then got the bright idea to get behind the wheel..needless to say she ended up running off the road and going airborne into an elderly mans apartment and killing him..this topic in general is a pet peeve to me since I’ve lost 4 friends due to drinking and driving.  What kind of person has the blatant disregard for human life, that not only do they risk theirs, but they endnager others as well?  In this article they even suggested that she was a good candidate for probabtion..Are you kidding me?  If you kill a person while you are under the influence of alcohol, you deserve the maximum sentence allowed by law..NO EXCEPTIONS!!! the legal limit is .08 and still yet, law enforcement and the judicial system keep giving these people reduced sentences and probation..Do you honestly think ALL those people are going to stop if they get away with it once? NOT!!  I understand that news is there to make you aware of whats going on in the world, but why aren’t they questioning the laws?  I mean really, what do we have to do to stop DUI”s and unnecessary vehicular homicides..if it was your family you would feel differently?!  By all means if you want to drink and have a good time, but how hard is it to get someone who won’t drink to be  your designated driver?  Learn to take responsibility for your own actions, if your old enough to go out and drink then your old enough not to be stupid about it.  And it really agitates me that  it is always front page news!!  Like they deserve that kind of recognition, as if saying “congratulations,” your now a drunk murderer who deserves to be recognized.  Yea, they deserve to be recognized all right, but not like that!  They need stricter drinking and driving laws, and they need to be enforced just as strictly, and not give them the chance to kill or injury anyone else.  I know from experience what it feels like to lose friends from a drunk driver, and they had no remorse what-so-ever..they got a slap on the wrist and not only did they kill my 4 friends, but a girlfriend, and a brother as well.  He got probabtion because of a first offense, and turned around and did it 3 more times..If your a true friend you will drive them, or call therm a cab..Is it really worth losing your life over, or inflicting that pain on someone else to have that “high” feeling?  I certainly don’t think so. 

Laura A. Smith

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