Out of this World

“Space, the final frontier,” as said in the television show StarTrek, this is how many people view space.  They think if is the final destination for humans to populate.  This is very supported, I mean with scientists now saying they have moved particles faster than the speed of light, what are our mortal linits?  Will we one day explore the stars and see what lies beyond our little blue planet in the universe. I believe there are no limits to our range of science, humans used to believe meteorites were impossible yet today we hold them in our hands.  I see our reach of science to be only as far as our hands can reach, but everyday we grow a little more extending our hands out to new discoveries.  Whether these discoveries are in our lifetime or our great grandchildren’s, our grasp of science will always grow.  Space may seem near, but the amount of space there is, is limitless and science has much more to grow before we are navigating the stars in a space craft, but these ideas are not impossible.  Our planet is only a small cell in the organism that is our universe.  Time can only tell how much science will grow to discover what all space has to hold.

Joseph Thomas McNeil

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