I don’t think its really all that far fetched that ghosts are real.  I’m not saying that you have to believe in them if it makes you uncomfortable, but for me personally, I’ve had a few experiences with seeing my grandmother.  At first I found it to be kind of creepy, then I guess I realized why I needed to see her, and it changed the way I feel about it.  It’s not something I would want to encounter daily, and it’s definitely not something I want to go around looking for all the time, but I feel like for some people thats a good thing to investigate and find out the truth about them.  At the time my grandmother passed away, I had a really hard time dealing with it, because we had been very close up until I married my first husband. , then we drifted apart.  When she became very sick I  took care of her at home, and when she had to go into the hospital, then the Nursing Home I felt horrible.  I stayed with her when she passed away, but something just didn’t sit well throughout the funeral service, and after.  It was about two weeks after she had passed, and in my dream she came to me.  She told me it wasn’t my fault, and that she loved me.  For a few months I would see her image at night, but only when I was alone.  And she never appeared before me at the same time in the evenings.  I had questions that the doctors and nurses couldn’t answer (or wouldn’t), and so I guess when I would think of her and the questions, when she came it was like she was giving me the answers.  Once I seemed to have all my issues resolved, I’ve never seen her image again.  I know she’s with me, and I know she guides me.  As far as I’m concerned whether it was a real or even part of my sub-conscious somehow it worked, and it helped me feel better about her being gone.  I think of her as my guardian angel, and wouldn’t change a thing about the experience at all.  I would say if your a non-believer, you should at least keep an open mind.  I would have never thought somethng like that would have happened to me, but it did, and I’m very thankful!

Laura Ann Smith

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