I believe that we can encounter a ghost or spirit but it is nothing that I am head over heals over. When I was young, I was able to have dreams and they would come true. I had a dream that my mother was trapped in a elevator at work and couldnt breath. The next day my family came to get me from school early because my mother got hurt at work. The first thing that ran through my mind was, I should have told her abotu my dream. My family finally told me that my mother and other co workers were trapped in a elevator at work. She was placed in WoodRidge. When I went to go see her, she could not talk. She had to write everything down. After she was released she told me that she had seen my grandmother and she was with her the whole time. I guess that put my mother into shock to see my grandmother.

Maybe, my grandmother was working through me to tell my mother what was to come but I didnt tell her. I had alot of other dreams that  came true about people close to me. And every now and then I have feelings or a dream. Other family members also have the same gifts as I did but it is mainly younger family members. I believe a  ghost or spirit isn’t bothering me, I want bother it. Besides, there are good spirits and bad spirits. And I have heard alot of stories about different spirits.  Ghost and spirits are intresting but not for me.

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