Our Leaders!!

Recently in the news a former police officer and chairman was pulled over for speeding in a 40 mph zone.  He failed a sobriety test and had a loaded .38 gun. This is something that should be disturbing to americans. We elect our goverment officials thinking that they themselves believe and will folow the laws made and passed.

Posting a 3,000 bail, he has made his apology statement. My opinion is that there can never be enough of an apology for osmeone that drinks and drives. Due to thr fact that my brother was killed by a drunk driver when he was only 28. There can never be a harsh sentence for some that drinks and drives. Not only has Rep. Curry Todd made laws to protect citizens of Tennessee, he has also broke some of those same laws. And could have killed an innocent bystander.

I belive strongly in forgiving everyone, but it is hard to forget. And if he were a average person like me and u he will have to do 48 hours in jail, litter pick up, and pay fines/court costs.  But my guess is, he will just get a slap on the wrist. What is our goverment coming to??

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