I see ghosts all around me, the ghosts of my past, the things I should have done, and ghosts of my mind; but I don’t see the ghosts that most do.  When I look in the corner of my room at night I see a coat rack not a shadow figure looking at me.  When the world around me goes quiet I hear the sound of my own steps not the sound of someone who isn’t there.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not shooting down someone’s beliefs, saying there isn’t life after death, or even saying I don’t get scared from time to time.  I am saying that I am a man of science, I don’t let my mind see before my eyes.  I analyze my surroundings and go with the most probable solution.  I have never experienced something that could not be better explained by the paranormal than by a normal happening.  I do not intend to cast out the ideas of others, I merely say what I have experienced.  By my personal experiences and by the experiences of reliable sources,  “ghosts” are the manifestation of a person’s mind seeing what the person wants to see.  This has been researched and tested by countless Philosophers and Scientists alike, but science has been wrong before and what’s life without a little mystery?

Joseph Thomas McNeil

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