Ghosts Vs. Religion

Kristen Jackson

Blog Post


Activity Vs. Religion

As everyone of as unique our own
DNA therefore, we have our own point of view of things. Be a septic or
paranormal believer most of us vary our opinions. In my opinion, to experience
what is paranormal is confined within our own experience and the proof may only
explain a bit. Science and math do not lie but we are far from understanding everything
there is to know. Paranormal activity is one of those things that cannot be
dismissed as false until it has been without a doubt disproven. All humans are
on a journey to spiritually grow and to understand the ultimate reality of the
universe. It is similar to some people’s idea of religion, does god exists if
you can’t see him? Yet, less than 1/3 of Americans believe in ghosts while more
than ¾ s are Christians. Why is it easier for people to believe in a god they
cannot see or have no absolute proof of than it is for them to believe in

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