News in America

News is what is happening around the world. People get their information of world events from many sources; this can be newspaper, TV stations, or the internet. Unfortunately this news is usually negative. News in America usually focuses on the bad in the world. It is impossible to escape hearing about the murderers and the stealing corporations. When was the last time you turned on the news to hear about something positive? You always hear about the three children who died in a car crash but what about the story that wasn’t covered, like today a man donated a kidney to save the life of a stranger. The reason bad news is focused on more than good news is that bad news occurs less often. I know that’s hard to believe but people are mostly cooperative and we would never have enough time to broad cast every time someone did a good deed. However, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to put at least as much positive news as bad news instead of constantly loading down people’s minds with the bad happening in the world. In my opinion it would make the world a better place if we focused on the positive things that happened instead of the negative. No matter what your news source is, it’s always more uplifting to hear about good people instead of bad.
kristen jackson

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