Paranormal existence?

Paranormal Existence?
There are many things people do not understand, rules of science and math that have been used for hundreds of years are being questioned every day. Paranormal activity is one of those things not fully understood. There is enough evidence that it is true that almost 50% of Americans admit to believing in ghosts. Yet the other 50% are able to dismiss that belief by attempting to use the laws of science to explain what at first may seem like paranormal activity. I believe paranormal activity is very real and there are certain unexplainable things that occur every day. Those who are skeptics have never had a truly unexplainable occurrence in their lives. They’ve always tried to explain it away as just their imaginations or they simply will not allow themselves to experience anything beyond their math and science world. Paranormal activity has been questioned about its reality for as long as it has existed and it’s possible it can never be fully proven or dismissed. Personal opinion is the only thing that can truly make or break a person’s belief in ghosts.
Halen Farmer

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