Why Not America?

Why Not America?

The Netherlands, Belgium,
Spain, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, and
Sweden. What do all these countries have in common; well they all legally allow
same-sex marriages. The United States, despite being the most powerful country
in the world, does not make that list. The U.S. is far
behind with giving human rights to our citizens but other countries are very in
tune with giving human rights in regards to same-sex partners. I think it’s
downright pitiful that we even have to ask “where is gay marriage
legal” here in the U.S. The United States, the land of the free, denies
people to get married to the ones they love based on their sexual orientation. This
issue has been a hot topic beginning around 1970s and still most states will
not even recognize legal same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Other
countries have been allowing legal gay marriage since the late 90s. So why not
the U.S.? Do people in America not believe that all humans deserve equal rights
no matter what their sexual orientation?

halen farmer

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