Your Opinion in News

The news used to be a way for the world’s population to know what is going on in the World.  This is still so, but now news is more political.  Whatever channel, website, or paper you are viewing it is targetted at a certain group.  The groups all contridict each other, so how are we to know what to believe.  Whether it’s FoxNews or CNN, the news is being heard but through opposing opinions.  Anymore, I do not know what to believe.  The news should be to the point; uncut, unedited, and real.  When the news is tampered or said in a certain way it implies a certain point.  Why can’t the news just tell me what happened instead of tainting someone’s words or drawing underlyng conclusions that may or may not be true.  Sometimes I just watch the news for its humor; they all try so hard to prove a point but all of thers points are different.  The world should take the news as it was meant to be; without blame, contridiction, and judgement but as a means to tell the world what is going on.  Without a direct means for news, people are just sheep following a leader in the direction they are being told without knowing what is to come.

Joseph Thomas McNeil

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