The holidays are a time for families to get together and cook a big meal and eat until they can’t stand it and just enjoy each other’s company. At least that is what it used to be about. Now a days, there are so many places to go and people to see on holidays that you are lucky to get to spend an hour with each person you visit. I know that for Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, I have to take my nieces and nephew to see their dad, both their mamaws, their papaw and my oldest niece wants to go see her boyfriend. My day will be spent driving from Blountville to Bristol to Church Hill to Kingsport to Boones Creek to Bluff City and back to Blountville. At least with all these stops, I shouldn’t have to cook myself and the kids will be so tired they will go to bed early. That sounds like a good holiday to me. Happy holidays!

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