Christmas Spirit?

On October 28th, 2011 walking through Wal-mart Johnson City, TN was like any other day of grocery shopping, except for one simple difference, Christmas decorations bombarded the store. Not many of us sit down and realize how much holidays especially Christmas, influence on day-to-day lives. Even big businesses¬† are inclined to celebrate the holidays, and bring out the “joy” in them. For example, Thanksgiving, wives/mothers are forced to slave away in a kitchen all day to make food for a family that usually never see each other except on that one day. In America, holidays are no longer viewed as fun, they are more for an image of a happy normal family. It is no longer the excitement of the “Christmas spirit” it is now viewed as,”How many presents am I gonna get this year?” and, “Who do I need to buy for?”. Families are no longer excited about spending quality time together, but instead are more concerned about how well we can put on a show.

-Kacey N. Lyons

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