Halen Farmer

English 1010



When I was 10 years old and lived in north Bristol Tennessee in a small subdivision I had one of the most different pets anyone has ever had. I found a baby squirrel whose mother had been killed on a power line accident. We decided to call him Jamie; Jamie was so little we had to hand feed him with a bottle in order to keep him alive. He began growing older and he stayed mostly on our screened in porch. We kept Jamie until he was big enough to survive on his own and then because we didn’t feel he was capable of living in the wild after being brought up by humans we took him to Bays Mountain and the park rangers insured us that he would be safe and happy. I was sad to see Jamie go and missed having such a cool pet but my family didn’t want to keep him in a cage and wanted him to be as happy as possible in the wild.

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