This Thanksgiving I went to Connecticut. It was amazing. We had thirty people at the table and enough food to feed all of them and still have some leftovers. The day before I had just proposed to my girlfriend and when we went inside the house the room lit up with the smiles of her 30 family members there. Everyone was so excited. We started planning the wedding immediately! After we ate the food on thanksgiving day, a group of us went out to shoot our guns. We started by shooting my Fiancé’s uncle’s AR15 sniper rifle and I did fairly well. I had about a 2in spread at 100 yards. After we all shot that we took my Mosin-nagant and shot that. I was the only person to hit any of the targets with it.  The following day I took some member of my fiancé’s family out rappelling. Some of them even went Aussi style, which is where you walk forward down the cliff. We all had a blast. That was the best thanksgiving ever.

-Seth Studer

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