Colinizing the Moon

There has been lots of talk for quite some time about colonizing the moon. You can actually buy land on the moon if you build on it in certain amount of time. Researchers thought that there were lakes of dust but in reality there in only a couple inches of dust until you hit solid ground. If I was asked and had the money to build on the moon I would start by creating a solar farm on the sunniest part of the moon. This would give any other additions power to run machines that are required to filter the air for breathing. Next I would build a very strong research bunker which would reside primarily under the surface for better protection. This facility would be used to test new ideas to allow for more practical colonization of the moon. I would ship drilling equipment to dig in the ground for search of resources such as water and precious metals and such. If substantial resources were found then I would start expanding. I would build living quarters for more researchers and workers. Ultimately the goal would be to create a massive dome containing streets, houses, gardens, and markets to sustain a population. I would have another dome to hold a forest to act as a breeding place for wildlife and oxygen. Realistically all of this would take more than one lifetime and we still need many more technological advances before this would be possible.

-Seth Studer

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