Give me space!!!

Being a single mother, working full-time, and going to school I have no real time to myself. I have the same route everyday seven days a week. I go to work 8:30 to 5:30, school @ 6;00pm. I barely get to see my children but this is a sacrifice I have to make to better my kids future. So, when I tell my four children that mama needs a break, they really don’t understand. I tell them to give me 10 minutes after I come home but that doesn’t work.:) Give me my space! I’m in my bed after a long day and I just fell asleep. Low and behold, here comes my youngest daughter Diamond saying”I want juice”. Give me my space!. My boyfriend can not seem to get it either. When I come home and do not feel like talking since I have been talking all day on the phones at work. I’m not being mean, just give me my space!

Sometimes everyone needs their space. Space from their boyfriend or husband. Space from their children. Space from friends. And space from loved ones. Space to relax and gather thoughts that are rushing in their minds 100 miles per minute.

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  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    I need a name on this!!

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