Surprisingly I can still remember the day piece by piece perfectly. I was in the 3rd grade, and my teacher was Ms. Street. My classmates and I came back from lunch, and sat down to begin our math art of the class. I wrote down my name, my teachers name, and the date. Today was September 11th and it was like any other day, but that all changed when our teacher got a phone call. I was always an odd child, but even then I always watched emotions people made. I’ll never forget the look on my teachers face when she picked up the phone. It was sheer horror and shock. I didn’t pay much more attention after she hung up the phone and began teaching class. Then out of the blue the intercom came on and called my name to the office; I was so excited because I hated school and got our early! Opening the door, I was greeted by my mom hugging her and thanking her for coming to get me out early. It wasn’t til I looked up at her face and realized she had been crying. She grabbed my hand and took off with me. We passed my principle, and mom gave a glare then said, ” I am taking her home!” Shockingly Mrs. Hickman said, “I don’t blame you.” We get home still oblivious to what is going on, until mom turned on the news. I watch as two towers begin to fall, and that is when mom begins to explain what is happening to our country, our home.

Looking back now, it still feels like a dream, but looking on the news now makes me realize it was anything but a dream. I once read a quote that said if we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it. That is why we must never forget what happened to us, and never forget that men and women are still giving their lives up for us and our home.

-Kacey N. Lyons

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