Is there a ghost?

            I’ve never been one to believe in ghosts or any kind of paranormal activity, but when it’s brought to my attention, for example, when my husband pretends he sees a ghost in our room just to push my buttons, I start to freak out.  I’m usually able to push it away and tell myself that there’s no way ghosts actually exist, until last week…

            I have a one-year-old son, so we have to keep baby monitors on at night to ensure we hear him if he awakens during the night and to hear him when he gets up in the mornings.  The night I started thinking there could possibly be some kind of other spirit/being in the world, I was woken up at 3:31 a.m. by a noise on the baby monitor.  It was the sound of an older man’s voice and the shuffling of what I thought to be someone digging through my son’s dresser drawers.  I quickly woke my husband up and made him go into our son’s room to check out what was going on, because I was sure someone was in there about to kidnap him.  When he came back into the bedroom, he assured me that there was absolutely no one in his room, but that the monitor in our son’s room was unplugged.

            Since that night, I have been woken up three or four more times by the sound of voices (not saying any real words), and I can’t help but wonder if it’s some kind of paranormal activity.  I know that in reality, I could justify these odd occurrences by saying that our baby monitors are probably just picking up a channel on someone else’s baby monitor in our apartment complex, but I can’t shake the feeling that there is some other being trying to get ahold of us.


Madison Chandley

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