“I need some space.”  The words can mean so many things, and they can easily be taken the wrong way.  Getting some space every now and then is a must for everyone.  For me, I need it to stay sane while I am a full-time student, mom, wife, and daughter with a job.  When do I get time to myself?  When do I get to take a long hot bath with candles and relaxing music?  When do I get to go out just with the girls?  The answer is rarely, but like I said, it IS a must.

                I feel like it is so important for everyone to get their own space every single day.  If not, it is very easy to go a little crazy, to lash out, to snap at people for no reason, to randomly cry out of control, etc.  I know I’ve been the victim and villain in all of these cases when not given enough “me” time daily.  So make sure you find time to read a book, take a walk, see a movie, or do something else that you love to do, and have a little time to yourself every day!


Madison Chandley

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