9/11 memory or family memory

I was in 3rd grade when 9/11 happened. I remember walking the office that morning to the nurses station because I was sick and witnessing the horrible event unfold before my eyes. Some of the teachers were watching the news that morning in the office when I was walking by, I saw the first tower already going down. Then I saw the second tower get hit by the plane and fall. I just remember watching this and not fully understand what was going on. I mean come on who would of expected to wake up that morning and see this. It is something I will always remember. I think for a whild it caused our nation to be very prideful. People would put flags up everywhere you looked. My question is what happened to this? Why do we not hold as much national pride as we did then? Why do we go as far as to protest our own troops funerals? Did they not put their life’s on the line for us? So why do we choose to dishonor their life and death like this. After 9/11 no one cared if you were black, white, gay, straight, man or woman everyone put their efforts together to help clean the reckage and to rescue the innocent people who were trapped. We should go back to how we felt about our troops when 9/11 occured. We loved them however they came. They were doing everything they could to protect is. Just as they still are. I just think we need to keep in mind a lot of good people died that day and many more since trying to protect us and to keep our country safe and free.

Keira Dailey

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