As I’m sitting here procrastinating, I have started thinking about my life, and thinking back to highschool.

 So many things I realize now, so many people who didnt matter.

So many who did, and still do.

The friendships that were made, betrayed, and kept.

He will never understand the impact he’s had on my life.

The only one who saw me, when noone else did.

The only one who realized I was in pain, and the only one who cared enough to ask me if I was ok.

When you have no self esteem or confidence, one gesture from someone can change their whole perspective on life. He changed mine.

I went from being depressed and broken to seeing life a little bit brighter.

Now, almost three years later, we are the couple who have survived.

Even though we were long distance for a year, we made it.

You are my love and my best friend. You are the person I can’t imagine my life without.

You define a part of me.

And I love you deeper than the deepest oceans, and more than all the stars in the sky.

February 2009

You saved me.

You saw what noone else would see.

You loved me.

January 2012

-Brittany Barnett

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One Response to Happiness

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Amazing love story!!! Great first blog– and I loved that you included photos– makes it very interesting and personal…
    Frannie Miller

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