hey everyone! this is my first blog, so i’ll start by telling a little bit about myself. my name is natalie, and i’m a dual enrollment student from UH. i’m a senior, and i plan on studying graphic design at UT in the fall. i love to draw, read, and watch movies. i’m kind-of dorky, because i love all things superheroes, i live and breathe harry potter, and i know the make and model of pretty much every car on the road. oh, and those movies i watch? yeah, i can usually find a movie reference for pretty much any situation, haha. but on the other hand, i like to go shopping and do my nails – which happens at least twice a week, haha! if you have facebook, look me up – /nnbarnett – or twitter – natnat_121. see ya next time! 🙂

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  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    I have a friend who makes Harry Potter jewelry, and has a shop on etsy! I’ll give you the info– great first blog!
    Frannie Miller

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