I live for moment. That moment when my crush looks my way. That moment when my friends and I laugh just to laugh. That moment when my little nephew says my name for the first time. Moments. There precious and priceless. Not one is ever the same-like snowflakes. So much in this world will attempt to destroy our spirits. So much hunger, crime, and diseases. I don’t see how a person remains sane in this world without those moments. Moments, I live for them. That moment when I try a new food. That moment when i get on a roller coaster i’m afraid of. That moment when I dance with friends. Moments. Cherish them, anticipate them – live for them.

Julya Colinger


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One Response to Moments

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Julya, I love the theme of your first blog– it really made me think!!

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