How to Study for a Calculus Test

Hello, today I am going to give you some helpful tips on how to study for a Calculus test. First of all the best thing that anyone could do is go to all the classes, Calculus is not like any other kind of math so it is very confusing at first to try and learn. The second thing that you could do is have lots of examples that you can work after class so that you know that you can do the problem. Thirdly do not be afraid to go visit your professor if you need help. The professors are here to help you learn and help you succeed.

When a Calculus test is coming up you want to make sure that you are getting enough sleep because thinking logically for the test is better than spending all night cramming trying to do all the problems that might be on the test and then during the test being to tired to think straight. You need to spend a few hours out of each day before the test looking at the notes from class and doing problems out of the book that have to do with what your notes are over. Having a study group with some friends out of your class is very helpful for problems that you possible could not solve because they may know how to solve it.

These tips should be very helpful in studing and making a good grade on your Calculus test.

Tips tested and proven by Graham Holtcamp

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2 Responses to How to Study for a Calculus Test

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Not sure what happened to your middle paragraph–maybe its just my view– but anyway– great job on your first blog.
    Frannie Miller

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