Hey everyone!

I’m Amanda Hickman, and I’m a senior at UH. Ever since I was a little girl, my parents always would guide me towards being an outdoorsy kind of a person.  We were always going camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, or SOMETHING involving lots of nature. It’s just how my family operates, which is ironic considering that my mom is allergic to anything outside. Yet, there is just something about being outside that calms me down. Things suddenly turn peaceful and nothing seems to be a burden anymore. Take that serenity and state of bliss that occurs and make it a head on collision with my passion for the arts and something splendid occurs: photography. Being able to capture my emotions with one single click of a button is something incredible. I learn something new about this art every day. Whether it be the proper lighting, settings, how to focus manually, or whatever it may be, I learn something new every time I pick up my camera. I definitely do not pretend to be a professional. I am simply a novice that marvels at what this field has to offer me. I am jubilant about furthering my abilities and documenting what I love to do.

Until next time,



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One Response to Outdoors&Photography

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Amanda, I hope you post some of your photographs!

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