So every year freshman and transfer students move to campus eager to have the best years of life and the hopes of making lifelong friendships. No one wants to move in to a new place and have to live with people you can’t stand! Well the reality of it is, most people who live on campus or around campus have troubles with their roommates. I lived in an apartment with three other girls, one of which was my ‘best friend’, the whole first semester and it was a constant war between us four girls. I have recently transferred apartments due to a huge fight that I wasn’t even involved in but yet I was still the one who was asked to switch. I have been much less stressed since switching and I get along much better with the two new girls I live with now. But my question is, is there any way that campus or the off campus apartments can make a system where they put people together who are more likely to get along instead of putting complete opposites together? Is there a way to avoid the drama and the battles among the college students who are just looking to get the best experience out of their time in college? I just hope this next semester can be a lot more positive than my last semester’s living situation was and good luck to everyone out there experiencing these same issues I’m going through. 

-Toni Laws

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One Response to Roommates

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Toni, Really great topic for a blog– I know there are thousands of college students who have roommate issues! You have asked great questions– see if you get any answers!
    Frannie Miller

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