The American Ghost Hunt

Hello, my name is Wade Smyth and I wish to welcome you to The American Ghost Hunt. My goal is to present evidence for both the possible existence and the possible non-existence of the paranormal. 

Some of the best evidence in favor of the existence of the paranormal come from Pop Culture and With the help of television we are able to gaze at the lives of investigators and see the evidence that the gather. on of my favorite pieces of evidence is from the Sci-fi documentary Ghost Adventures. The documentary takes us on a trip to several “Haunted ” locations, the last one being the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. the investigation is going well at the beginning. A few voices were captured, a few electromagnetic field fluctuations documented, but all of that changed when the duo of Zak Bagans and Nick Groff went to the basement where reports of noises, flashlights with new batteries dying, a feeling of evil in the room due to a “dimensional gate” that leads to the “other side”. The team begins to taunt the spirit by saying how they are not afraid and by cussing the spirit out. then as they enter a small room that has some old pieces of wood and masonry equipment, a brick lifts off of the ground and flies across the room. this scared the two investigators so much that they fled the hotel and did not return for quite some time. The video of this was taken to a forensic analyst who said that he could not find anything in the video that said that is was faked or set up in some way  here is the footage of the brick and of the analysis of the footage

Even with this there are skeptics out there and they think that they can prove this claim of the “flying brick” false. these skeptics used a “puppet stick” an lifted a Styrofoam brick in an arched motion but the video did not explain the analysis where this was NOT picked up by the software of the professional also they do not allow comments or likes/dislikes on the video. this makes me skeptical of them but in the end it is for you the reader to decide.


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One Response to The American Ghost Hunt

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Wade, I investigate with a team, who you will meet later in the semester!! You will be doing a research project on this topic!! Great blog!

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