Warm Winter

Though this unusually warm weather in the dead of winter may seem like a nice change, what does this mean for our future seasons? Could this be a recipe for a scorching summer, or is it just the cycle of the earths weather system? Many questions such as these arise in the back of college students’ minds as they walk to class with t-shirts on in January. Negative aspects aside, i personally enjoy the mild weather. The 50-60 degree temperatures create a very refreshing twist during my winter hikes on Buffalo Mountain. Whether it be a good or bad sign, i recommend each student to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it!

– Luke Hampton

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2 Responses to Warm Winter

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Make sure you leave your name, so we know who posted the blog!! I want some snow!!!
    Frannie Miller

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