Love Where You Least Expect It

With Valentine’s day swiftly approaching, its hard to look past all the pink hearts, chocolate candy, and plush teddy bears, but while walking through the Kroger store I work at, I couldn’t help but think its all slightly overdramatic. In today’s society, most people start telling someone “I love you” when they’ve only been dating barely a week. Love definitely does not work that way. Love might only be a four letter word, but its also four times as complicated to define. Valentine’s seems to be the day that most people express their love most evidently or finally gather up the courage to tell that special someone that they love them. If you really love someone, shouldnt valentine’s day be everyday? There are two major misconceptions that I think most people make about love- one being that you meet the person you are going to marry in college. The troubling thing with this is that there are lots of college kids who still dont really even know what love is and would rather party and have multipe suitors. Another thing is that most people consider the appropriate age to get married 25 or later. My family strongly breaks this tradition. My grandmother got married when she was 15, my mother was seventeen when she walked the aisle, and I got married last November and I was only 18.There should be no set number for the required age of falling in love as long as you know that the person  you look in the eyes everyday is the one you’ve dreamed of all your life and that life as you know it would be incomplete without that person in it.So many girls dream of prince charming who will someday sweep her off her feet and give her a perfect life. In most cases, however, it doesn’t work this way. I have found that the harder girls try to impress, the less guys want to do with them. Love should be natural and it should work out on its own without someone pretending to be something they aren’t. My “knight in shinning armor” turned out to be a boy bagging groceries at the store I got hired at. Its hard to believe getting a job at Kroger turned out to be something so much more. He was the first boy I noticed when I walked in, and I had never wanted to date someone so much. Of course I didn’t think he’d ever give me a chance, but about three months later he asked me on my first date. Wc ate at Sagebrush Steakhouse, thats something I will never forget. He had a bad homelife, his car was too loud, but none of that mattered to me. He rose above his circumstances and got on the presidents list at Northeast State Community college for having a 4.0 GPA, and for that reason alone he is my hero. The day he asked me to marry him made me happier than I have ever been in my life, We were engaged a little less than a year and on November 12,2011 we left holding hands as a married couple. The wedding theme was a winter wonderland, and it truly was one. I was shocked to know that I actually cried more than my mom! We have now been married three months and these three months have been even more magical than the two years that we dated. Aaron is my best friend, at times we drive each other crazy, but at the end of the day we stop and realize how lucky we are that we live the life we do and that we have each other. Our story goes to show that life doesn’t always go the way society thinks it should, it goes the way it is supposed to go. God had blessed us so much its unreal. Our love has shown me that its not where you meet that counts, its where you go from there that truly matters. -Brandi Cook.

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One Response to Love Where You Least Expect It

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    This is a wonderful Valentine story, and the best part is that its true!!

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