harry potter <3

yesterday, i was watching a harry potter movie with amanda. the chamber of secrets, to be exact. it’s my favorite of all the movies 🙂 half-way through, i decided that i was going to  re-read the books again, starting that night. having made my decision, i was pretty excited about jumping back into the wizarding world. you see, harry potter is my favorite books series on the planet. like i said in my first post, i live and breathe harry potter, haha. so when i go upstairs later in the afternoon to get the sorcerer’s stone off of my bookshelf, i remember that i have a brand new hardback set of the entire harry potter series that i got for christmas just sitting there, waiting for me. see, the last time i read these books i had an old beaten up paperback set that was about to fall apart. not that that’s a bad thing; they were just really worn-in. but seeing those brand new books pushed my mood from excited to ecstatic 😀 so for the next month or so, whenever my nose is stuck in a book, it won’t take many guesses to figure out what i’m reading <3.


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2 Responses to harry potter <3

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Always sign your posts!!!

  2. etsucomp1010 says:

    oops! sorry 🙂 it’s natalie, but i went in and edited the post too.

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