One of my favorite places to travel to is Maine. It’s a family tradition. My mom, dad, big brother and I pile up in my mom’s car and we drive 18 hours to Goose Rocks Beach, Maine. Of course, we make a few stops along the way (New York for example 😀 ) and we spend two weeks in New England. It’s probably spawned the fondest memories I’ll ever have. Our tradition is to go in the fall, and watch the leaves turn color. From the brightest yellows to the deepest oranges, seeing Maine in the fall is something magestic. The beaches are empty, yet still hold a sense of being inviting. Ocean kayaking is incredible to behold. You could be 900 yards out, look down, and still see the ocean floor. The only draw back (for some people) is that it’s slightly chilly. I think it’s perfect. My heart would be content if I could walk around in 70 degree weather with no humidity for the rest of my life. To go to the beach, you need jeans, flipflops, a sweatshirt, hot chocolate and a good book. Yet, the best part about going to Maine is the beach at night. the tide goes down for at least a half mile, and you can camp out and see an incredible ammount of stars. Maybe it’s just the place that we like to visit? Being that it isn’t very touristy, there’s less light polution, however, it is breathtaking to behold. I don’t think I could find a place to best the physical beauty and sentimental love of Maine.

Untill next time,


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One Response to Maine

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Amanda, I love the idea of never being warmer than 70 degrees! You desribed the scenery and feel of the place so well that I now want to go!!

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