Westminster Dog Show Perpetuates a Myth!!

So yesterday as I was waiting for my cat and dog’s prescriptions-one for arthritis, and one for flea prevention, I overheard a young couple talking about breeding their dog.  They were inquiring about the process of “registering” the dog and the cost of care.  It took every bit of self control I possess not to lecture them right then and there about how many homeless pets already live and and die in shelters, but I kept my distance.  They were then advised by a friend who joined them to register the dog with a particular kennel club, because then they could sell the puppies for a higher price.  At this point I was screaming on the inside– “animals are not a business venture”, but I said nothing audibly.  All they had to do was walk around the corner to the adoption area in Petsmart to see a collection of animals all needing homes. I went home to my seven fury family members, and tried not to think about it…

Until, I saw an advertisement for the Westminster Dog Show, and then it hit me again.  The root of the problem is many people’s weird desire to possess “Designer Dogs” and this show just feeds the misguided idea that “purebred” dogs are somehow superior to the “mutt” or “pound puppy”. The show advertisement also touted the fact that 5 NEW BREEDS would be featured this year– How irresponsible to promote the breeding of dogs (and cats) when hundreds of thousands of wonderful potential pets are euthanized (i.e. murdered) each year in shelters across the country– simply because people would rather purchase a dog from a breeder than adopt a dog from a shelter.  The Westminster Dog Show feeds this notion, and it turns my stomach to see the publiciity about it. Don’t be sucked in to the allure– spread the word to adopt from shelters, and put the breeders out of business.  With no demand, there would be no need of a supply. We have the power to stop this cycle.

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One Response to Westminster Dog Show Perpetuates a Myth!!

  1. Sarah says:

    This is so true!!

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