Another new addition to the family:) by BRANDI COOK

ImageAnyone who has been around me for any amount of time knows that I am an animal lover. I tell my husband all the time I dont ever want kids as long as animals are around. I currently have two hamsters, a hermit crab, two cats, a guinea pig, and a 4 month old Siberian Husky. This weekend I was searching for Papillon breeders in this area (a papillon is my favorite dog breed in the world) and I stumbled across debby hoover’s website and saw that she had papillon puppies up for sale for $450 which is a great deal considering that most go for around 600-800$. All of the puppies had been adopted except for one named Cody. All it took was one look at his pictures and I was begging my husband for him and he agreed. here is a picture of himImagehe is no doubt about it one of the cutest puppies I had ever seen. His owner was so sweet and let us send her a deposit through paypal and told us that now he is officially ours. we get to pick him up on March 20th when he will be eight weeks old and old enough to leave his mom. I am going to post a picture of his mom and dad, in the picture his mom is in the front and his dad is in the backImagehis owner said that he will most likely look like his mom. She told me that papillons can actually cry new tears which i found quite fascinating. The word papillon is french meaning “butterfly”. This was given to the dog when people discovered that there is a butterfly shaped marking on their face, and their ears make up the wings. I have dreamed of having one of these dogs ever Since I was little and I cant believe im actually getting one. We look forward to going to get Cody and bringing him home to our house. I would definitely recommend debby to anyone wanting to add a papillon to their family! BRANDI COOK

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