words with friends. yay bandwagon.

i’m not really sure what to write about this week, so i’m just going to share my new fascination. yes, i’m talking about words with friends. at first i was reluctant to hop on the words with friends bandwagon. to me, it seemed lame – exactly the same as scrabble, except on a phone. but amanda finally talked me into playing. i downloaded the app, and she very speedily challenged me to a game. the next thing i knew, i was hooked. i didn’t win the first game, but i have to say, words with friends is quite entertaining. especially because the letters it gives you are usually crap, and it’s nearly impossible to create anything with them. with some creativity, however, you can always pull something out of your brain, and if not, do as i do: guess and check until you find a word that works ^^


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