extreme couponing extremely frustrating

there is nothing more frustrating than waiting in line at a grocery store behind a lady with a folder full of coupons. Its even more frustrating when the register crashes because too many coupons have caused the system to go into over drive. I do not see a problem with five or six coupons but when they start to add up to thirty or forty I see a real problem. For one, it is a huge waste of paper. I also believe that it encourages hoarding. who cares if you got fifty cans of condensed milk for two dollars? the odds of the person ever even using it before the expiration date arrives is slim to none. and you have to wonder where they store all of it, is there a throne in the middle of the house made out of condensed milk? its also wasteful and in my opinion selfish. The couponers end up taking all that is left on the shelf and then the people who genuinely need the item can’t get any. as a cashier, it slows your time down on the speed scale, and you have to worry about whether the person really got the items the coupon calls for or not. It seems to me that it would be easy to find another hobby instead of endlessly worrying about how many coupons you can accumulate in one week.  there is a huge difference between being frugle and going overboard, and I do believe fifty coupons is indeed overboard.

-Brandi Cook.

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One Response to extreme couponing extremely frustrating

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    I get frustrated with “couponers” too– mainly because I can’t keep up with coupons myself, and they make me feel guilty!!

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