changing times

its hard to believe how different things are in 2012 than they were even back in 2000. One of the most prominent changes to me is the Red box. Its hard to believe that when I have kids I will have to tell them,”yeah back in my day we went to a ‘movie store’ to rent movies, we didn’t just get them from a box. Of course, by then, the redbox will probably be obsolete also. The XBox has by far replaced the PS3, and you very rarely ever hear a Game Cube mentioned. Face Book pushed Myspace on the back burner, although I really do not understand why.Gas has sky-rocketed, making all of us near sick to think that we complained about paying $2.00 a gallon. its now almost impossible to get a job with just a two year associate’s degree. Smart Phones have replaced the common, everyday cellphone. Almost every phone is touch-screen and equipped with Android. Even drugs as bad as they are have taken on new forms, most of the most common ones nowdays are synthetic.School text books are evolving into online books, reducing the need for ones that you can hold in your hands. Online blogs are the new forms of diaries. As time goes on, even the simplest things that we get so accustomed to change. Although some of these changes are positive, they also make us feel as though we are losing part of our heritage.

-Brandi Cook.

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