spring break

etsu’s spring break may be over, but mine still has two weeks left to it (sorry everyone, haha) 🙂 so far i’ve gotten caught up on reading, gone to a bunch of school sporting events, hung out with my friends and boyfriend pretty much every day, and gone to a casting crowns concert with my youth group. needless to say, i haven’t stopped going so far, haha. and i don’t plan on it. this sunday, my dad and i are going to go to the race at bms. we haven’t been in about a year, because my dad had to have heart surgery this time last year. he’s doing better now, and we’re celebrating by going to the race 🙂 then next weekend i’m going to a church event called impact that tri-cities baptist hosts with some friends. we’re going straight to the hunger games premiere after that on thursday night, haha. we’re making t-shirts and everything, haha 🙂 we’re all staying at my friend’s house for like four days, and we’ve decided that we’re going to make a bunch of pinterest crafts, lol. we definitely won’t be getting very much sleep during that weekend, haha. too bad we have to go back to school that following monday :/ we’re going to be so dead, haha. but it’ll be worth it 🙂

– natalie

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