Let’s Vent.

Here lately I haven’t had much to talk about. I’ve been a little introverted, but as of last night, I now have a lot to say.

Let’s start from the beginning. I began this semester the same day you did sweetheart. I was already living in Governor’s from last semester, so technically, I’ve been here longer. You decided you wasn’t living in our dorm room within the first day of being here. Dorm life just didn’t suit you and your “love”.  Your precious boyfriend wanted you to live with him instead. So it was inevitable that you two would get sick of each other, and start fighting. You had only been dating for what, a month, before you moved to ETSU. You barely knew each other. Plus, you said you didn’t trust him.  About a week ago, my lovely roommate (who I actually considered my friend and liked) stormed into our dorm room and started throwing her crap in here. Yes, she decided to move back in. FOR ONE NIGHT. The weekend, I had the room to myself. Sunday night, she moves back in, acting like she had something stuck up her [BAD WORD]. Well I don’t have class on Mondays anymore, because of how my schedule worked out this semester. Now I have all the respect in the world for someones sleep, especially when they have class the next day. I quitely played my video games, and minded my own business. . . until she went to bed. She walked over and turned off the light, and I turned off mine. I turned my tv down to the point I couldn’t hear it anymore, and told my xbox live party that I was about done for the night. Not even five minutes later, in between a Call of Duty match, I decided to get on Facebook. I was trying to pass time, and then I stumbled across her post.
“Rude People. REALLY. ANNOY ME. Just go to bed already. I HATE DORM LIFE.”

I sat there in shock. I am sitting in the same room as this girl, and she had to put on Facebook that I am rude. #1. Sweetheart, You have literally slept in our room three times since the semester began. I am not accustomed to your sleep schedule yet. I was not tired, but I was fixing to get off and let you sleep. #2. YOU ARE IN COLLEGE. This means if you have a problem with me, you come to me. Stop acting like a child, and grow up.

So her revenge for me playing video games for TEN MINUTES after she went to bed was playing loud music this morning to get ready. It wasn’t until I heard the knock on the door that I actually came to. (I’m a very heavy sleeper.) I didn’t get up out of bed, instead I just laid there and pretended to be asleep still. She had invited four girls over and one guy to inspect her dorm room. She VERY RECENTLY cleaned up her side of the room. It stayed a mess for over a month and a half. She even had a gallon of milk in our fridge that expired over 2 months ago. When I asked her about two weeks ago if I could throw it out, she said she would. (and she didn’t.) My room had a pair of jeans on the chair. As soon as they walked in, she started complaining about how I am a messy roommate, and I never clean up my side of the room.
Then she started complaining about how she doesn’t have any girl friends here. When one of her friends asked if we were friends, she replied, “Her? Oh God, NO. She’s weird.”
Why am I weird?  “She plays video games all the time.”

People wonder why I hate females. This girl is a [BAD WORD] and I can’t WAIT til summer break. Less than one month, then I will never have to see her face again. Instead of pressing her about whatever issue she has with me, I’m going to continue being nice. I hope it eats away at her on the inside. 🙂
Brittany B.

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One Response to Let’s Vent.

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Wow– you are handling this with a great deal of maturity!! Hang in there– the semester is almost over…

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