Who doesn’t text? I love to text! I feel like it’s easy fast and for the most part private. when people text me I have a set a rules.

1.don’t “…” me

2.don’t tell me what I have to do.

3.don’t text me if you only want something from me.

4. don’t “O” me.

5. don’t just send k or cool

6. spell correctly

7. don’t get and attitude.

8.don’t one word text me.

9. don’t take too long to text me back.

10.don’t o ok me

11. don’t ??? just ask the question

12. don’t lol unless its actually funny not because there’s a awkward moment for you.

13. don’t send me multiple msgs back to back before I respond.

14. no lyes

15…….um k that’s not allowed in my inbox

16.no short text no dry text.

Give me conversation please


-Monique Lattimore




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