Just a normal day, till I saved my neighbor’s life.

Sunday is typically my “work outside day” and my neighbors think so too. My neighbor is a family man, mid 40’s, healthy as an ox according to him. He’s also the father of three and is happily married. I have the house to myself, and I see the grass needed to be mowed, I also needed some extra cash so I figured I’d just go do it. I’m outside mowing and I see my neighbor is hard at work, he’s working fairly vigorously. Now, me being the observant fellow I am notice he’s slowing down, a lot. I take note of it and continue to mow. Several minutes roll by and I notice he’s not anywhere to be seen. I do a pass by on my mower by his fence and see a shoe sticking out of a bush. I quickly disengage my mower’s blades I frantically sprinted to his location. I notice he’s laying down on his back and isn’t responding to my efforts (verbal, touch, the occasional knuckle to the sternum). I immediately check for the normal signs- ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) he’s not breathing and he has no pulse. Immediately something took over me, what we in the Army call muscle memory. I instinctively took off to my house, grabbed my A-bag (think of this as an “o-shit” bag) it contains various items for such an occasion. I run back to his house and call 911, and tell them I’m going to attempt to resuscitate the casualty. I was able to revive him, but he could hardly talk, and all he said was- “heart” I felt his pulse and it was rapid. I’m not a doctor, but I can recognize the signs of a heart-attack. I have some nitroglycerin in my bag, this is for my grandfather mainly in case he has a heart attack, I administer him some, and then the paramedics arrive and rush him to the hospital. I tag along because he had lost consciousness again, and I could notify his family and such. I call his wife at work and she eventually links up with me at the hospital. After a few agonizing hours roll by the doctor says he’ll be fine as the heart was minor and was probably brought upon by extreme heat exhaustion. Now, I try to be a humble individual, but the doctor looked at me told me if it wasn’t for my efforts he could have died or have been permanently injured. Of course his family praised me for being a hero, but I’m no hero, there are people that do exactly what I did for a living. I was at the right and at the time, anyone who has had the training I’ve had could have easily performed to the standard, and he would have been just fine. The family insisted on getting the news to do a report about it but I respectfully declined. I’m not after praise or anything of that nature, I just felt like I should tell someone of my eventful weekend. The warning signs for a heart attack are real, and I think everyone should be able to recognize the signs and symptoms. Here’s a link of information I’ve found useful.


-Thomas Roberts

Edit: I forgot to sign it.

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One Response to Just a normal day, till I saved my neighbor’s life.

  1. etsucomp1010 says:

    Thomas– Your title is an attention grabber for sure– and what happened was remarkable, whether you think so or not! Your observational skills were the key here, and then your training was so valuable. Your neighbor is a very lucky man!!!

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