whew. my last nine weeks in high school. technically, i have four and a half weeks now. four and a half weeks seems like a lifetime, when you have senioritis as badly as i do. i’m to the point where all my classes, which were already easy anyway (like, no homework. EVER.), have started to wrap up. final projects in tech class, individual, small projects in both art classes, and environmental science is, well, environmental science. this year has been crazy. drama has been through the roof, when there usually isn’t any in our class. friends who have been friends forever aren’t friends anymore, crazy relationships and breakups have come out of nowhere, and we’re all just so ready to graduate we can taste it. or at least, that’s how i feel. if i could walk across the stage tomorrow, i would do it. this year, i have realized who my true friends are, and i know that they’ll still be there even after graduation. i’m just ready for the next big mountain to climb: college. i went to orientation at ETSU last saturday and registered for my classes next fall. i’m majoring in graphic design, so three out of five of my classes are art classes. that leaves english 1020 and history. oh, and amanda and i are going to rush. we’re pretty stoked about it 😀 sigh…i think college is looking better and better every minute.

– natalie

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